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Pasotr GiGi: Importance Of Your Words

Associate Pastor Terry: What God Is Really Like




Promises for Healing

Rev. Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson







I Am Healed

Rev. Robert Robinson: I Am Healed. Rev. Robert encourages us to except andbelieve the truths of God's Word for our healing. This is audio only.

Giving Thanks

Rev. Robert Robinson: Giving Thanks. Rev. Robert Robinson encourages us about being thankful for the things God gives us. This is audio only.


Rev. Robert Robinson: Relationship. Rev. Robert Robinson encourages us to desire a deeper relationship with God and others. This is audio only.

New Life in Christ

Rev. Robert Robinson: New Life in Christ. Rev. Robert Robinson explains the importance of what Jesus Christ has done for other who believe and the benefits of the Cross. This is audio only.


Rev. Robert Robinson: Love. Rev. Robert Robinson encourages us in the depths of God's love for us and how God uses this love to reveal Himself real to others. This is audio only.

The Necessity of the Holy Ghost

Rev. Robert Robinson: The Necessity of the Holy Ghost. Rev. RobertRobinson shows scriptural the working of the Holy Ghost in our lives. This is audio only.

God Cares

Rev. Robert Robinson: God Cares. Rev. Robert Robinson reveals how God truly cares for His children. This is audio only.



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